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Occupational Therapy

Humanworks occupational therapists are highly qualified and compassionate practitioners of all the OT services we offer. Whether the goal of OT intervention is work-based, home-based, or improved quality of life, our focus is on function and improved functional outcomes.

humanworks provides occupational therapy services

Ergonomic assessment – both physical and cognitive:

Our OT’s can assess any workplace, and provide a full range of useful ergonomic recommendations. Our ergonomic assessments, education, and recommendations can be done for individuals, small groups, or your entire workplace setting.

Worksite assessment:

There are numerous reasons why a worksite assessment may be helpful for you or your employees. Regardless of the reason, we can provide the information needed to identify barriers in the workplace and improve your employee’s function at work.

Job demands analysis:

Our job demands analysis will give you all the information you need regarding the physical, cognitive, and environmental aspects of the work you and your company performs.

Cognitive assessment and planning:

Overcoming cognitive challenges and successfully managing work requires the assistance of skilled practitioners. Our OT’s work with clients through the entire process of assessment, planning and return to work, in order to minimize barriers and maximize function.

Functional assessment:

Whatever the disability, illness or injury, our OT’s assess client function and provide practical, meaningful recommendations to improve function, minimize barriers, and accommodate functional challenges.

Home assessment:

Our assessments include a thorough review of the physical space, as well as the client’s ability to function and mobilize within their home environments.

Personal care and activities of daily living (ADL) assessment:

These assessments include information regarding the client’s current function in personal care and ADL’s, along with recommendations for assisting the client to improve function and independence in these areas.

Occupational therapy activation:

Our OT activation involves structured, time-lined, goal-focused plans that are developed along with the clients to meet specific, identified targets. Communication through the activation process is consistent, motivating, and allows for flexibility so clients feel supported and empowered to increase their activity and move forward.